Women who inspire

The first business breakfast

The first business breakfast took place on the 17th of March at 9am in St George’s flagship office in 25 Berkeley square. It was organized by Elina Doviborova (St George) and Olga Vysokova (Kalido Private office).

There were 18 Russian business ladies invited for the breakfast. All of them came in very beautiful, impeccably dressed and smiley, after having dropped their kids at schools earlier. Some of the ladies have 3 and 4 children (like Alina Tara and Kamila Rizaeva)!

The idea of the event is to unite Russian speaking business ladies and invite them to share their success stories, share their achievements about their new business in London which they have all started from scratch. Sharing achievements, as well as problems, failures, difficulties, which all the entrepreneurs face on the way up to the success is very important for the female community.

Because we inspire each other by sharing, comfort and give moral support to each other and sometimes it is all that needed to stimulate a woman for success.

At our breakfast we created such an atmosphere where women were sharing and encouraging each other to go further and to achieve the success. We talked about the experience of opening a restaurant in London, a health clinic, an art gallery, a furniture production, a jewellery design and distribution and an art social club. All very different and very interesting ideas which found demand on the London market immediately.

The sponsor of our event was L’Eto café which provided a delicious hot breakfast featuring some typical Russian dishes.

We plan to have a series of these breakfasts on a monthly basis, thus enlarging our network of the women business owners.